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Gordon at JoLsalon

Gordon - Owner / Creative Director

Gordon has been in the salon industry for 9 years, his Mother and Father were also salon owners for 8 yrs in Harpenden, England – so he knows the industry is embedded into his routs, which he is truly grateful for. It astonishes him how artists can create incredible cuts and mind blowing color. Plus how the industry really makes people feel good about themselves, which helps him showcase the wonderful teams talent when producing marketing material – he says it's a real pleasure seeing the team grow and improve, whether it’s new talent or a seasoned professional. He has received mentoring from L’Oreal, Strictly Business and Unite, Paramount Business 1 and 2, which has helped him guide and improve the salon experience.


Design, Marketing and Technology has always been a true passion of Gordon’s, He’s attention to detail, business knowledge and Aeronautical background helped him have the skill to design JoLsalon from the ground up. Having true passion and drive has made JoLsalon a success story, which he describes as being one of his best achievements.


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